Caminhos do Pantanal Inn was designed by two passionate by fishing : Afrânio Moro and Luiz Gallina.

As fishermen are regulars, know the needs of tourists, therefore sought the best way to meet you and your family, providing a wonderful opportunity for contact with nature wetland, fisheries and unforgettable moments of comfort and leisure.
The difference is in the Service, transparency and quality of piloteiros mainly because it is they who spend the most time with tourists.

Caminhos do Pantanal Inn has the best team to provide you and your Family a quallity attending, threating you with respect and honesty, all coordenated by our manager UKA.

• Apartments for 3 or 4 people, extremely comfortable, climatized, with TV, refrigerator and balcony;;

• Apartments for couples, climatized, with TV, refrigerator and balcony;

• Climatized restaurant with the most delicious local and homemade food;

• Barbecue area;

• Swimming pool;

• Boats for 2 or 3 people, with swivel chairs and lifejackets, 25 to 40 HP engine;

• Very experienced pilots;

• Parking área;

•The Inn has Environmental License

Come practice the Sport Fishing with us and surely feel happy to “Fishing one big fish”, preserve nature and spend unforgettable moments with friends and family.


Photo Safari by boat and by land area and the Nhecolândia Pantanal Park Road South

Rua Santa Isabel, S / N º – 55+ (67) 3275.1048
Albuquerque – Corumbá – MS.

Preserve is the way!